Correct Screen Aperture

Posted in: , on 31. Oct. 2011 - 15:40

Hello all! Itsbern a while since I ve been on here and I didn't expect to be back on with this question but here goes;

Im looming for a final product of 40mm down and have a screen are of 20*5. Feed material is an abbrssive granite and is 75-100mm down.should I just go fi

or a 42mm on all screens( this is 4 per deck) or should I mix it up a little; lime decresing the size of appetite as I move away from the feed point.

Over to you guys!!!

Thanks in advance

40 Mm Minus Product Wanted....

Posted on 6. Dec. 2011 - 05:40

if screen is at say....20 deg incline angle......put in 40mm square opening....all 4 screen sections.

at 40mm....sounds kinda like a scalping minus 1 1/2" and down to 0" size.

DEPENDING on the specification gradation 40mm square opg or nominal 1 1/2" SQUARE should be fine. Could go a tad bigger if you desire, 42mm....which would allow for foreshortening of the opening at 20degrees....and this still would work ok.


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