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Dear colleagues,

I welcome you on the forum "Sampling & Inspection". I moderate the forum, and you are kindly invited to join in.

Sampling, sample preparation, instrumental measurement and data evaluation are essential steps of quality assurance. Unfortunately, there are only a few of instruments suitable to evaluate reliably the actual material systems such as wastes, recycled commodities and others. The known mathematical models for the minimal sample mass based on the grain size distribution have been developed only for homogeneous grained and free running bulk solids; the rules prescribing the number of individual samples to composite a mixed sample are pragmatically, there are no sufficiently founded regulations for the division and reduction of heterogeneous lumpy, sticky and fibrous materials; in general, there is a lot of problems to be solved. Using the forum, we will answer questions in sampling and quality assurance or forward them to our colleagues, we will advise the industry and we will build contacts to universities and research institutes.

I am employed by the IQS Freiberg, the "Institut for quality assurance of material systems" at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. The institute is doing research work in the fields of sampling and quality assurance; it is surveying projects, equipments, processes and methods; and since 1995, it organizes once a year an international symposium on sampling and quality assurance, the "Freiberg sampling symposium (Freiberger Probenahmetagung)".

From now on, we will reply to questions and communicate with each other.

Winfried Rasemann

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