New Forum: Bulk Solids Technology: Research & Development

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Posted in: , on 18. Dec. 2003 - 19:26

We have created this new forum because many researchers and academics asked us for a spot which would not be too commercialized and/or technical.

I invite you to use this forum so that your R&D fellows and also industry can see what happens at University Departments and Research Organisations. Industry must also know where to turn to for consulting and engineering work, and must have a means to find out where the leaders are.

I also invite a Moderator for this forum and ask interested persons to get in touch with me.

I do hope for much activity, the platform is here, and it is really worldwide, and very strongly visited.

Reinhard H. Wohlbier

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What Functions Are Required To Be A Moderator

Posted on 12. May. 2004 - 10:00

Your invitation to moderate this forum is noted.

Would you inform as to what qualifications are required and what the actual task involves?

thank you