Russian Coal Exports: Producers, Specifications & Ports

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Following the dramatic transformation of its coal industry, Russia is poised to increase exports of what are now some of the cleanest coals in the world. Standing in its way is chronic undercapacity at its ports.

Our new report, Russian Coal Exports: producers, specifications and ports, is the essential summary for anyone interested in the development of this immense industry.

The report is available now and costs £280/US$420 or £180/US$270 to McCloskey subscribers.

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Russian Coal Exports

Posted on 24. Jun. 2004 - 06:07

Russian Coal and Coke

Russian coal and coke producers are invited to give offers for Russian Coal and Coke to be purchased by Turkey. Help for Portds and sea transportation possible.

Pls. contact

Dr. H.Ergun