Weighbridge Data Remote Control

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Track your Weighbridge Data Remotely through Weitex Intelligent Terminal

You can now monitor your weigh-bridge transactions from your existing WEITEX SL90 Intelligent Terminal on your cell phone without the intervention of the operator

The system automatically scans the data and the required information is sent to your cell phone or computer at a pre-determined time every day.

The data can be sent to any number of cell phones.

The data can also be sent to a computer

• Through our dedicated Server.

• Through a WDT

Reduces errors caused by manual methods of data collection.

Rigorous checking and data validation of all in system data.

Powerful self-Diagnosis.

Report generation on

• Date and hour basis.

• Supplier / Material & Date-wise.

• Vehicle Number & Date-wise.

• Summary of Charges & Date-wise.


1. PC + Broad band + UPS NOT REQUIRED

2. Works on GSM/ GPRS technology with economically available SIM card.

3. Can be operated on weighing system power source.

4. Air – Conditioning NOT necessary.

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Link Using My Weighbridge Software

Posted on 15. Dec. 2010 - 05:49


Is there any possibility that I can link using Weighbridge Software or Weighing Software?

My c++ application runs on a pc with Weight Indicator connected to the serial port. The software is flexible, fast and most cheap.

How do you send the sms? Via broadband to a website?

Thank you

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