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Photography and projects in the UAE, Turkey and Qatar

March 25, 2015, Houston, TX, USAGeometrica designs some of the world’s largest free span domes, trademarked as Freedomes®, as a solution for challenging architectural and logistical feats across the Middle East. Freedome technology has revolutionized the installation process on any terrain, including sandy deserts, high dunes, salt flats, gravel plains and coastal strips.

Star Cement, UEA

The United Arab Emirates is well known for its cement production, refineries, and other industrial pursuits. One particular area holds a unique distinction. Ras Al Khaimah (or RAK) is a large cement producing region, with output that has helped develop the country and spur the infrastructure of neighboring Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To continue this growth, Star Cement, a company of the ETA group, built a new world-class cement plant in RAK with a capacity of 7000 tons per day of clinker.


The biggest challenge was the enormous nature of the limestone stockpile. A week’s worth of limestone – the raw material for cement production – amounts to 34,000 tons and has a diameter of 92 meters. Star Cement's civil and structural consultant, FLSmidth Designs Pvt Ltd, India, drafted a performance specification that included all dimensional and loading requirements for the stockpile cover. It was required to allow ample clearance for the stacker/reclaimer system, provide an opening for the incoming conveyor as well as four entrances for off-road vehicles, and include space for a traffic lane inside the dome around the ring rail of the reclaimer.


Crucial to the schedule was Geometrica's ability to accommodate the stacker/reclaimer and the conveyor gallery while building the structure. Once the structure was complete, the second pour of the concrete edge beam was completed and the cladding installed. The cladding used for this structure consists of simple rectangular panels of “Star Cement Blue” laid out in a 12-slice arrangement.

Translucent fiber-reinforced plastic panels form chevron-shaped skylights that make interior artificial light unnecessary during daylight hours. Notably, the desert sand added its own hue to the blue cladding.

Ras Al Khaimah Cement, UEA

The Ras Al Khaimah Cement Company is a world class manufacturing plant utilizing prime quality raw materials to supply cement to the people of the United Arab Emirates. Geometrica was hired to provide coal storage and installed a longitudinal dome dedicated to sustainability. The plant is designed to meet the most stringent European standards for environmental protection.



The vault extends an impressive 140m in length and was installed over concrete walls that contain the coal stockpile. The dome design included natural ventilation and lightning protection systems to help control the potential fire and explosion hazards associated with storing coal.

Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret, Turkey

Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret added a limestone storage dome spanning 68m to its facilities in Kayseri to further meet the demands of both domestic and overseas customers in several sectors. As a leading producer of cement and ready-mix concrete, sustainability was a concern. Geometrica designed a circular stockpile cover to prevent runoff and particulates from harming the environment.


Geometrica also designed two 68m blending domes for Cimsa's Mersin plant. Cimsa has been a leader in the Turkish cement sector for more than 40 years. The domes helped achieve sustainability and environmental objectives.


Ruwais Refinery, Abu Dhabi

In another GCC project, the Ruwais Refinery dome was built for Takreer, the oil refining company of Abu Dhabi. The company needed to store its sulphur stockpile — a byproduct of its refining process — as well as associated equipment.



Dodsal teamed up with Geometrica for the supply and installation of an eco-friendly 135m super-sized aluminum storage dome to aid in the expansion of the Ruwais refinery. The design had to account for building the dome at the same time as the stacking and reclaiming equipment, as well as the incoming conveyor. Today, it contains the sulphur bulk and secures the surrounding landscape from environmental hazards and pollutants.

Domestic Solid Waste Management Center, Qatar

After designing and installing the Marchwood solid waste dome in the UK, contractors shared the news in Qatar. This word of mouth brought Geometrica to the attention of Keppels Seghers, who had a similar project in Qatar. Geometrica was honored to manufacture an architecturally unique dome for their Qatar Domestic Solid Waste Management Center.


Spanning a 2000m2 rectangular area with seesaw elevations, the waste to energy storage dome supports the treatment and processing of domestic solid waste for the whole of Qatar — recycling select materials and using organic waste to generate various forms of energy. More than 95% of the waste is reclaimed or converted into energy, with less than 5% of the materials entering the facility diverted to a landfill. The facility is capable of treating up to 2,300 tons of domestic solid waste per day, and incinerates approximately 1,000 tons of other waste.

A Portfolio Around the World

From applications in the Middle East to projects in Asia, Africa, and the Andes, Geometrica is a leading expert in geodesic technology. Regardless of heavy snow loads, brutal slopes, corrosive saltwater or hurricane-force winds, Freedome technology offers all-terrain solutions worldwide. The question is, "What can Geometrica build for you?" To learn more, click here.

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An immense circular dome covers a ring stockpile at Star Cement

The Ruwais circular dome was built for a large sulphur stockpile

Interior view of the Ruwais sulphur dome

Domestic Solid Waste Management Center, Qatar

The Qatar Freedome is rectangular in shape and sits on a concrete perimeter that varies in elevation

A 68m storage dome under construction in Kayseri, Turkey

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