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''We currently sell the opportunity to serious organization who wants to join our team to manufacture our newly designed roller and idler. This way they can develop their own market while doing excellent markup on sales with a proven marketing and franchising strategy''

Enduride Development Inc, located in Quebec City, Canada, as developed a new technology which revolutionize the conveyors rollers industry. The Enduride technology, within the conveyor rollers field, has a world-class reputation and today, it offers competitive advantages at all levels springing from more than 25 years of R&D and evolution through the industry. Enduride Development Inc offers a wide range of rollers for power-driven or gravity roller conveyors that comply with CEMA and AFNOR standards, the quality reference for the conveyor industry. Rollers developed using EDI's technology respond better to clients' needs than any other roller available on the market and offer a unique guarantee that no other roller manufacturer can provide.

The exclusive and worldwide patented Enduride design provides a better protection for the bearing system. This unique process requires no preventive maintenance or lubrication, and provides maximum protection against contamination by dust, particles orchemicals. Enduride rollers will clearly perform better than the competition, even under the worst operating conditions. The Enduride factory-sealed roller protection system guarantees better protection and durability that outperforms all other rollers. High resistance to corrosion and to abrasion, vibration dampening, light, silent operation, durable : those are a few of the advantages of our revolutionary products.

Thanks to their manufacturing process, Enduride rollers can be used under the most difficult conditions.

They are especially recommended for the following sectors :

  • Mining industry,
  • Steel and metal industries
  • Quarries and cement factories
  • Chemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Saw mills
  • Bulk commodities and handling
  • Seaborne transport (ports and ships)
  • all other sectors requiring the use of conveyors of any kind.

One of the greatest benefits of Enduride's rollers is the tangible savings they provide, that are significantly greater than the competition's and result in operating savings. This has been validated with several engineering offices and departments. Our contacts with conveyor manufacturer have confirmed that Enduride's solution has redefned the materials transportation industry standards with its new and revolutionary approach.

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