Powder Screening Challenge

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Posted in: , on 4. Aug. 2003 - 14:02

I am currently examing the feasability of screening circa 50 kg/hr of metal powder to give a d(100) of 20 micron. This should give circa 15% oversize based on lab jet seive tests with an alpine jet sieve.

Can anyone recommend a cost effective (preferably continuous) machine ?

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Metal Powders Classification By Size

Posted on 7. Aug. 2003 - 10:59

We think our cost/effective continuous classification machines could meet your metal powders by size classification needs:


The TriboClassifier™ developed and patented ( USA # 6,439,394 B1 and # 6,095,965 ) by “SorTech Separation Technologies LTD” uses a new technology for dry bulk powder process separation and classification.

The TriboClassifier™ uses a rotating conical bowl and has a surface roughness and rotational speed calculated to best suit the particular classification requirement.

The TriboClassifier™ is fully enclosed with a small footprint, a very modest power requirement and can process powder at the rate of several kilograms to tons per hour.

The machine you are talking about is TC 80-1-1 ( see photo).

We have one almost brand new machine that is ready for deployment immediately.

Fine Screening Using Production Air Jet Screen

Posted on 7. Aug. 2003 - 01:14

You may find that several companies in the UK should have a solution for you. Possible options would be -

1) to use a Continous Production version of the Air Jet Sieve which is very successful with fine metal powder screening. I'm not sure if this unit is still available.

2) to use screening equipment equipped with air cleaning or ultrasonics. To achieve good yields and the fineness of product at the rate could be a big machine

2) to use Air Classification. at the throughput and fineness you are considering a small Air Classification system maybe sufficient such as the Alpine 50ATP or British Rema Minisplit.

If you need any further assistance and details of companies to approach please contact me direct malcolm@1cunningham.freeserve.co.uk

Continuous Screening Process

Posted on 7. Aug. 2003 - 04:48

Dear Sir,

You might be interested to find out more about the technology applied by Kroosh Tecnologies. Air Classification gives you a statistical separation.. Airknives or ultrasonic have proven to be costly and maintenance prone.


By applying a totally different concept they have been successful in the fraction you are seeking.

Good luck,

best regards,

Fedor Schiefer

Vic Maroscher
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Re: Powder Screening Challenge

Posted on 7. Aug. 2003 - 08:18

This is a common application for our lab and pilot size gyratory sieves in 10", 12" or 15" screen diameter. Ultrasonic deblinding of the screen is required for 20 micron. Typically we use a self-feed hopper (which can be purged) mounted above the unit. The material is metered to the center of the screen surface. Likewise, the +20 micron powder is continuously removed.

The cost is competitive to the Alpine Jet sieve.

Please e-mail me directly at vwmaroscher@vorti-siv.com and I'll forward sample photos, drawings, and case studies.

Best Regards,

Vic Maroscher



fax: 330-332-1543

Re: Powder Screening Challenge

Posted on 8. Aug. 2003 - 10:48

Sweco can offer several solutions to your problem. For instance, our Turbo-Screen Air Classifier would be an ideal solution to your problem. We could also go with a standard round separator (possibly a 48 inch diameter machine) utilizing a new device recently developed call a "Screen Energizer".

Because of the size of the particles of your application, its very difficult to say what would work best without testing the material first. Sweco does offer its customers a full service lab facility for just this purpose. My suggestion is for you to set up a test with Sweco by sending in a sample of the material. We could better determine the exact method and equipment to use to attain your separation goals.

Sweco has facilities in:

Florence, Kentucky +1 (859) 371-4360

Nivelles, Belgium +32 (67) 89 3434

and Singapore +65 (67) 62 1167

Thank You!

Jeff Dierig Sweco Marketing Manager
Larry Stone - Kason Corp., USA
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Re: Powder Screening Challenge

Posted on 12. Aug. 2003 - 04:47

It is possible that a circular vibratory screening machine with ultrasoncic enhancement will process you material. Why guess? Contact Mark Blairs at our Stoke -On -Trent facility to arrange a test. tel 01782-597 540 or email markblairs@kasoneurope.co.uk

to arrange for a test.

Larry Stone

Re: Continuous Screening Process

Posted on 13. Aug. 2003 - 03:36

HK Technologies has developed a screener that will fit your need perfectly. This machine is our Hybrute model. This unit is an incline type screener combined with ultrasonics and mechanical vibration. The Hybrute is competitvely priced.

20 microns at 50kg/hr should not be a problem for the hybrute but to be positive HK offers free sample runs with product returned along with video of trial run.

Please feel free to call me at our plant with any questions.


Thank You

Lee Hochadel

martin c
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Metal Powder Screen

Posted on 20. Aug. 2003 - 06:19

Russell finex Ltd are world leaders in metal powder seperation technolgy.We can offer the perfect solution to achieve your seperation using a standard compact screener.

Due to the 20mic mesh we would reccomend that ultrasonic screen activity is used.

The mesh ultrasonics were invented by Russell finex specifically for metal powders and we have many worldwide references using this technology at these mesh sizes.

If required Proving trials can be conducted either at our Head office in London or at our subsid factories in belgium or america.

Please view our web site WWW.russellfinex.com for info and references or sales@russellfinex.com to speak to one of our sales engineers


martin chipperfield

Centrifugal Screening

Posted on 8. Oct. 2003 - 08:08

Dear Sir

We have recently conducted several sifting trials using the Gericke Centrifugal Sifter for metal powders down to a 25 micron screen size. All of our clients agree that this method of screening is far superior and more cost efficient than there current methods. Please contact me if you wish to discuss more specifics for your requirements.

Best Regards

Rick Isherwood


Powder Technologies, Inc.

Larry Stone - Kason Corp., USA
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Re: Powder Screening Challenge

Posted on 8. Oct. 2003 - 08:32

Dear Sir,

I am not certain as to why you posted this reply to my attention.

As you know, we at Kason, make equipment directly competitive to Gerike.

Very truly yours,

Larry Stone