Gypsum Kettle

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Posted in: , on 27. Feb. 2010 - 18:55

Hello there

i am encountered with the kettle burned out at the bottom of the kettle do you have any idea how can i solve this problem

Re: Gypsum Kettle

Posted on 28. Feb. 2010 - 03:41

Dear, Can you provide us the following details--

1.General Arrangement of the kettle.

2.Temp. being maintained at various stages.

3.Air inlet and oulet points locations.

4. Temp. at inlet and outlet.

5.Material infeed size and process time(holding time).

6.Make of the kettle.

Regards, Anil

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Posted on 10. Mar. 2010 - 04:00

dear sir thank you for your reply

1, the kettle type is vertical with 4m height and 2m diameter

2, the burner is suited at the bottom

3, the kettle is imported from china

4, the temperature inside the kettle is from 150-190

5, the bottom temperature is around 300 degree celcius but it is not exact figure

6, the kettle is surrounded by refractory brick

am waitng for your reply

Re: Gypsum Kettle

Posted on 10. Mar. 2010 - 06:09

Dear, the holding time for the material during calcination process is seems to be long Please provide us the flow diagramme for the entire process enabling us to suggest.

Also let us know the temp. at outlet and pressures at inlet and outlet of dust collector.Please also let us know the make of the kettle. In China there are very few cos. who provide the complete plant and take gurantees otherwise most of them are traders who only want to sell the equipment only.

Regards, Anil Seth


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Gypsum Kettle

Posted on 12. Mar. 2010 - 02:08

first of all i would like to thank you for your effort to solve my problem

the process is the material will be crushed by hammer crusher then fed to Raymond mill then it will be conveyed by bucket elevator to the calciner( kettle) from the top and there is one burner at bottom works by using heavy oil furnace .

2, regarding the temperature we have got only two readings, the first one is inserted in to the vertical kettle its temperature reaches most of the time from 150-190 and the second one is for the heavy oil the temperature reaches around 100

3, for the pressure u have asked we don't have any gauge to measure the pressure inside the kettle but the pressure for the oil reaches about 2 bar

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Posted on 12. Mar. 2010 - 05:23

Gentleman,Your selection for the Raymond mill is wise ,please also let me know the maker of Chinese Kettle.In China there are very few suppliers who supplies good equipment.The price difference between good suppliers and traders sometimes more then 40% so lot of clients falls in to their trap.

The compatibility between equipment supplied by various suppliers is not a easy thing.

Please let us know location of this plant and also flow sheet for the entire process.

Since, you have shopped equipment from various suppliers I think process flow sheet will not be available with you.


Libran Engineering&Services,India


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Gypsum Kettle

Posted on 13. Mar. 2010 - 03:04

thank you gentlemen the location of this plant is in Ethiopia and i don't know the producer of the kettle but we bought all the equipments from one manufacture named yatai


Posted on 13. Mar. 2010 - 05:10

Gentleman, This is the perfect example of not doing pre engineering/study before going for any plant.If the entire system is bought from one source then the customer can ask for guarantees from the suppliers.I think you will have to call the supplier from China if this kettle is still in grantee period.Now, you may face music from these suppliers when they will ask for the huge fees for the visit and then they will put blame on other supplier.This is a baby with lot of boy friends.

Please send us the flow sheet for the entire system showing--Material in feed capacity,size and temp.We will try our best to solve your problem.

Regard, Anil