Grinding and Classification of alpha-Alumina (Corundum)

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In the diagrams below the result of grinding and classification of alpha- alumina (corundum) are presebted.

Mohs ' hardness - 9. Real density - 3.9 g/sm3. Is the initial less than 1 mm, basic fraction of approximately 40 microns. Humidity <0.5%.

Productivity 200 kg/h.

Power consumption 160 kW/t.

Expenditure of balls from the dioxide of zirconium - 900 g/t, brick lining from the corundum - 400 g/t.

After classifier, in the cyclone it is gathered 87% of material, 13% in the filter.

“Miks” - granulometry of mixture 87% of the cyclone, 13% of the filter (so it would appear the granulometry in the absence of cyclone).

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alpha- alumina cyclone 50 Гц

alpha- alumina filter

alpha- alumina mixture 87% of the cyclone, 13% of

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