Flyash Moisture Control & Bagging System

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We are looking for a very Low Cost FLY ASH DRYING and Bagging system of approx 100MT Plus per day with basic features.

The Fly ash is a waste material of Power Plant where it is normally available in Semi Dry form from the storage Silo. Moisture contents vary between 3% to 20%.

We want to Dry the semi dry waste and bag them in 50/100 kg bags for low volume user utilization and transportation in normal road truck to various location.

We will be using Bulk Loader to transport the SEMI DRY FLY ASH from the Power Plant to another location for Bagging since the same in not allowed in the Power Plant.

To be able to use for small & medium scale utilisation of FLY ASH in Value added application we need to control the moisture contents to < 0.5% before bagging them.

We need immediate help in design of low cost drying and bagging system and would appreciate if any one can guide us appropriately on this.

What we are looking for is a simple Drying system mounted on a mobile unit with easy towing. The system will consist of a steel hopper/hood, having capacity of 100 Kg for pouring in, the wet or semi dry flyash, from the bags or in from loose mound into the hood, which should flow down with gravity, in to a dryer and air blowed and than pass on via pipe line with a blower to send the same to either another mound or for direct packing.

We are looking for capacity of upto 8-10 MT per hour.

Please advise suitable system and the budget price with your workable design

Please note that since this is a industrial waste material and very low cost product, the system should not be expensive.




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