Re: Sampling During Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 27. Feb. 2002 - 04:40

We have developed an inline sampler which takes a slug of material from the conveying line so you get a 100% representative cross section.

Please contact me for details.

Alex Marshall, MID, UK

0115 9382154

biplab K. Datta - POSTEC, Norway
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Re: Sampling During Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 18. Mar. 2002 - 02:21

I had developed an online sampler for getting representative sample on a 2inch bore pipeline. This sampler can take out a discreet length of conveyed air solid mixture.

If you are interested we can develop this unit at our research laboratory for your purpose. Please also let us know the operating parameters of your conveying system.


Posted on 24. Mar. 2002 - 10:35

On-line sampling devices have been available in the market place for many years now. In a laboratory situation I generally fit a diverter valve into the pipeline and use this. With rapid opening and closing you should get a reasonably representative sample of the full bore flow, albeit rather large from a five inch pipeline.

David Mills

David Mills

Re: Sampling During Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 13. May. 2002 - 04:46

The sample device you need will depend on whether you are conveying in dense or dilute phase and also whether you want a trickle sample or a continuous sample. It is not easy to get a 100% representative sample unless the entire flow is diverted into a sample pot for a few seconds.


Amrit Agarwal (Tim)