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1. particle size of soap noodles: cylinderical shape with 2 to 3 mm dia and 4 to 5 mm length

2. Bulk density =880kg/m3

3. number of bends=2

4. feed from hopper which is on the ground using atmospheric pressure

5. discharge to bin through cyclone

6. conveying capacity =4000kg/hr (soap noodle density )

7. operating temperature=25c

8. verticle distance =10.668m

9. horizontal distance=9.4m

10. total length =21m

we use a negative pressure with an open loop system...+ a dilute phase i m not able to find velocity.. bc if i select velocity =35m/s the phase density will be too low... now either i will change a dia or some thing else... plz someone gives me the calculation for the above data...i shall be very thank full to u...i calculate pressure drop =5kpa it correct? ...

Ahsan Ali

Mechanical Engineer

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Soap Noodles

Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 10:07

Ahsan Ali,

What are Soap Noodles?

Thank you.

Reinhard Wohlbier

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Re: Help Needed From Someone

Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 10:20

soap noodles are actually in cylindrical shape .it is used in making of soap (industrial product)

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Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 02:42

For these distances 4 tph can be done in a 4 inch line with approx 1000m3/hr@ 200-250 mbar vac. giving a solid loading ratio of around 5 and a pick up velocity of about 23 m/s and exit velocity of 31 m/s.

Keep the velocity to a minimum because soap will smear on the pipe walls and smearing increases with increase in velocity. Your pressure drop calculation of 50-mbar vac. is bit low it should be around 150- 200 mbar mark.

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Re: Help Needed From Someone

Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 08:12

i shallbe very thankfull to you for giving me an information..

i will check by using yours values ...then i will contact you ..

again thankz for that

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Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 08:35

Kowie baat nahie Ahsan Shaab Pleasure is all mine. Just out of curiosity how are you indenting to check the values.


Conveying System

Posted on 5. Jan. 2007 - 12:55

I would be concerned about the conveying process you have choosen. I am not saying that it is wrong, but you might have a lot of problems when you run it for the first few weeks.

What about product damage? I am assuming (may be incorrectly) that this product would have a friable structure and slamming it into elbows at 100 kpm would really cause a mess.

The earlier tread warned about smearing in the pipes. We might vene go one step farther to say possible blockages. This might be especially the case if this material can cling to itself in the pipes almost similar to conveying carbon black.

Be careful with this system and good luck.

Contact me if you would like any personal advise of help with your project.

Ed Atkinson President Dust Collection Systems Inc