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The Hogan Vibratory Bin Discharger

Written by Fleming, A. edited by mhd on 18. Oct. 2023
The discharge of powders stored in bulk has always been a problem, and there are many devices schemes and designs to ensure that material once in a silo will flow out again. The subsequent control of that flowing material is considered a separate problem. This paper discusses the mechanical make-up and practical application of a device that not only promotes flow but also controls it.

The Hogan Bin Discharge/Feeder was first introduced into the British market in 1974 as alternative equipment to the well-established 'Bin Activator'. Since then the Hogan has established itself equally as capable as the alternative, handling small discharge and bagging problems right through to the discharge of large 600 ton silos with over 300 machines operational throughout the world.

The construction and use of the Hogan leads to some significant process and capital cost advantages some of its typical applications are illustrated below.

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