Fluidization related to P.C. system design

Mark du Toit
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Posted in: , on 18. Sep. 2002 - 18:35

I am looking for some information relating the fluidizing characteristics of various materials to the design of pneumatic conveying systems. Does anyone have any suggestions or references that they may be aware of that I could pursue?


Mark du Toit

biplab K. Datta - POSTEC, Norway
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Re: Fluidization Related To P.c. System Design

Posted on 5. Dec. 2002 - 09:52


I suggest that you start reading the book 'Gas Fluidisation Technology' edited by D. Geldart and published by John Wiley & sons.

So far as my knowledge goes till today there has not been any clear cut design methodlogy based on just Fluidisation tests. The test gives an indication of the possible behaviour of the powder.

It is of utmost importance to quantify the effect of particle size distribution on transport characteristics, which is still missing !

We are very much interested in developing such methodology also.

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Re: Fluidization Related To P.c. System Design

Posted on 16. Feb. 2003 - 06:17

Dear Mr. Toit,

As Dr. Datta pointed out, the so called Geldart diagram shows at least 4 flow regimes, depending on medium particle size and density of particles and fluid.

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You can use it for a first orientation what type of pneumatic transport is suitable.

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Klaus Schneider