Elevating Flyash Pneumatically into Silo

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Dear Sir,

I am Pankaj from india and working in ACC Ltd (Holcim Group-Swiss).

I need a calculation sheet for conveying the bulk flyash Pneumatically into the flyash silo (26m height).

I want to know:-

1. How much air volume is required to convey 20MT into the 25m silo.

2. Pressure requirement

I will wait for your prompt reply.


Pankaj Kumar

Re: Elevating Flyash Pneumatically Into Silo

Posted on 17. Dec. 2011 - 11:25

Dear Mr Pankaj,

Your question is not specific enough.

You can use a standard pneumatic, road mobile, bulk tanker.

The compressor air displacement is then approx. 15 m3/sec and the conveying pressure is then approx. 1.8 bar (tank pressure is limited to maximum 2 bar)

The pipeline diameter is 6”.

The filter on th silo should be approx. 30 m2

Complete unloading time (including pressurizing the bulk tank) is then approx. 17 minutes

A smaller compressor requires a smaller pipe diameter.

However, if you are unloading a non pneumatic bulk trailer, using f.i. a rotary valve to feed the pneumatic conveying a lower pressure design should be applied.

In fact, a pneumatic design can be made for a variety of capacities, airflows and pressures.

What is your desired capacity?

More specific information will lead to a more specific response.

Have a nice day