Diesel powered low pressure air compressors 1-2.8 Bar, 15-40PSI, 500-5000icfm

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many bulk conveying sites have to rent mobile high pressure air compressors when their stationary low pressure blowers or compressors are down for maintenance etc. They have the benefit of a lot of being readily available but they do consume a lot of fuel, usually drop out moisture in the pipe, and the can potentially overpressurize the affetced pneumatic conveying system.

We have a line of low pressure Diesel powered oil free rotary screw compressors that normally save at least between 20 to 30% Diesel fuel over a conventional high pressure oil free or oil flooded unit (attched is a flyer for the smallest of four sizes). They have the added benefit that moisture does not drop out due to the high discharge temperature, and they come with a pilot operated automatic high pressure regulating valve. Bad news is that no rental company appears to be interested in keeping them around in their yards because they can tend to plant air rentals as well as your bulk handling facility's needs with their high pressure units.

Big question is if there would be a significant need for such a low pressure Diesel powered unit anyway. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject matter?




dieseldelta210 (PDF)

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