100 Ton/hr wheat Pneumatic conveying

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Posted in: , on 16. Feb. 2021 - 14:52

I Have a study on project with the following data, and kindly I need some help on it.

Conveying 100 Ton per Hour of Wheat grains,

by using PD Blower I gonna unload truck of wheat with suction line around 5 meter and discharge in a Ground Storage with include line of 17 Meter.

I have done my calculation and researches but I have some issues i need to take your opinion on it

I am gonna use 10 inch blower with a flow rate of 5000 M^3/hr.

Vacuum DP : 200 mbar

Pressure DP : 250 mbar

Solid Mass load : 22 ( is it Good or high ! )

are my calculation suitable for my application ? if not can you help me with the right one ,

Re: 100 Ton/Hr Wheat Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 16. Feb. 2021 - 07:12

Dear mohamedgomaa,

If I understand you right, you must design a suction/pressure unit with one air PD compressor.

From your vacuum and pressure selection, I believe that you know that the suction side influences the pressure side.

That requires a lot of iterative calculations to find the optimum solution.

And the air leakage through the rotary valve influences also both parts of the conveying system (vacuum and discharge).

Part of the PD blower pressure drop is the suction intake pressure drop, the filter-receiver pressure drop, and the ground storage filter pressure drop.

Using a cyclone instead of a self-cleaning filter will destroy your lobe blower.

The Solid Loading ratio is not a variable to choose, but a variable value which emerges from the calculations.

Not knowing your calculation, it is not possible to say whether your calculation is suitable.

It will certainly not be simple.


Re: 100 Ton/Hr Wheat Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 17. Feb. 2021 - 01:33

Your figure of SLR of 22 is correct for 5000 m3/hr at exhauster intake

( I am assuming Sm3/hr) and 100 tph (metric).

Assuming no air losses (which is flawed as there will be

RV leakage and since it is a big RV doing almost 200 m3/hr).

The air velocity in the system will be in good range up to 400 m3/hr

of RV leakage. With no bends and vertical sections there is a good

chance it will achieve the rate with the stated rating of the air mover.

Make sure that the filter is generously sized and there is not too much

dp across the filter.

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Re: 100 Ton/Hr Wheat Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 21. Feb. 2021 - 03:16

Thank You very much for your time.

I used pneuCalc software to help me in my calculations.

so some changes the software had made. as I know the min pick up velocity for the wheat is 24 m/s.

Flow rate has become: 7920 M3/HR to achieve the pickup velocity in the pressure side. " is this normal with my application ?''

I will Use 12 inch blower with absorbed power 160 KW.

So how do you see the calculations ?

And for the receiving cyclone dim. ( 1.5 M diameter with Cone height of 1 Total height of 2.5 Meter ). this is good for 100 T/HR ?

Re: 100 Ton/Hr Wheat Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 21. Feb. 2021 - 07:43

From your data follows:

160 kW/22m= 7.72 kW/m

This seems extra ordinally high.

Also the SLR (approx. 27) seems far too low for 22 m length

For a 45 m long suction arm, a SLR of 30 is usual at 0.45 bar vacuum.

Check your calculations.


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Re: 100 Ton/Hr Wheat Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 22. Feb. 2021 - 08:26

I am with you i see my Power is too high and I have to reduce the Flow rate, But therefor the pick up velocity will decrease from 24 M2/s to Around 15 M2/s And the D.P increased to 500 mbar for presser side only please see the picture below