Running Behavior of a Pipe Conveyor

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Dear Mr. Reinhard H. Wöhlbier,

My name is Maria Zamiralova. I'm a final year student of Moscow State Mining University.

Now I'm writing my diploma project, which is connected with studying of the running behavior of a tubular pipe conveyor. I have to do a periodical survey and overview of scientific publications and articles

My university bought access to Scopus database, where I found several articles, published in Bulk Solids Handling. When I translated the abstracts, I realized that these articles would make a huge contribution in my process of writing diploma project.

Unfortunately, my university just bought access to abstracts, not to full text of articles. So, in order to find full text, I went to the State Public Science and Technical Library (Moscow). Unfortunately, they didn't have full texts and don't have any issue of Bulk Solids Handling either.

I have no access to full texts of eLibrary In Bulk-online website. Is it possible for me to get the access to the eLibrary and what I should do for this? I don't represent any company, I'm just a student, which is really interested*in this research area.

And I would appreciate if you could give me any answer regarding my letter.

Please excuse me for taking so much time.

Faithfully yours,

Maria Zamiralova

Pipe Conveyor Literature

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Dear Maria,

Thank you. I am a Mining Engineer myself (Technical University Clausthal, Germany, (1961)).

As Trans Tech Publications, based in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, we founded "bulk solids handling" in 1981 and this magazine probably published more articles on Belt Conveyor Technology than all other international journals combined. This field was our specialty.

We also published several volumes entitled "The Best of Belt Conveyor Technology", and perhaps you find a library which holds these volumes.

In mid-2001 we sold Trans Tech Publications and started The Powder/Bulk Portal, today the worldwide leading information center in this field, again with strong focus on conveyor belt technology. We have experts contributing and commenting on questions every day. We also have a special forum called Pipe Belt Conveying (which you are presently visiting).

I do not have any influence on the "bulk solids handling" magazine any more. The new owners of Trans Tech Publications are Vogel Industrie Medien GmbH & Co. KG in Würzburg, Germany. I do not know if they offer the "older" articles on their website, free of charge. You would have to find out by visiting "" or by emailing your question to


href="">, the Editor of "bulk solids handling.

If you have specific questions, please post them on this forum. Just register and write, it is entirely free of charge. Chances are that you get some valuable leads.

I wish you and your diploma project much success. Keep in touch!


Reinhard Wöhlbier



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Running Behavior Of Pipe Convetor

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Dear Maria,

Pipe conveyor was developed by Japan pipe conveyor & their after by Bridge stone belt . I can help you by giving many documents from JPC & also from Bridge stone. But I do not know how to attach the documents in this mail.

I suggest that you may approch to JPC or Bridge stone for your help.



Form Force Behaviour Of Pipe Conveyor Belts

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For a reliable operation of the pipe conveyor belt, the bending stiffness in transverse direction, depending on the belt construction, has a great importance. Form forces, resulting from the bending stiffness, keep the belt in its closed form. If these form forces are too small, the edges of the belt could collapse. A safe transport of bulk solids could not be ensured. If these form forces are too high, the pipe belt aspires to open itself between the idler panels