Need Information on Pipe Conveyor?

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I am new to this technology and I am investigating how it works when carrying two different products. Specifically I am interested in any info on how this is accomplished. Is it a proven technology or fairly new operation. Does anyone know of an location where there is an application in the USA that I maybe able to visit. Does anyone have an installation carrying a different product in each direction operating that I can discuss such things as contaimination issues, are there problems at the "turn around or flipper sections", and well how does it work. I have seen a single product belt in service and they are very interesting. We are looking to use it for limestone/gypsum application running in the 1200-1500 stph range over a distance of 5,000 feet.

Any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance

Re: Need Information On Pipe Conveyor?

Posted on 22. Feb. 2007 - 03:28

The physics of evaluating a bi-way transport are in principle no different than analyzing a one way transport. You must account for the individual differences in material density, product size and surcharge angle.

We have designed 7km bii-way for conventional conveyor and 3.2 km pipe. Others have designed for limestone or clinker and coal bi-way transport for pipes.

There might be one in New York state. I lost track of the project when the environmental permit was denied. Later, I heard it passed and a pipe conveyor was installed.

There are other installations overseas. You may wish to discuss this with FFE minerals in Allentown, PA. They are the new owners of Koch, who have done more than one bi-way pipe installation.

Lawrence Nordell Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. website, email & phone contacts: phone: USA 360-671-2200 fax: USA 360-671-8450

Information On Pipe Conveyor

Posted on 11. May. 2007 - 11:24

Dear Mr. Johnj,

Pipe conveyor handling different materials are provided with VVVF drive. With this you can handle limestone/gypsim ( as in your case) if process permits the contamination. I am working a project using pipe conveyor handling Lime, coke & iron ore. Already I got offer from FFE minerals , India. For installation you can check with CDI, USA or FFE, India.



Re: Need Information On Pipe Conveyor?

Posted on 11. May. 2007 - 12:30

Dear Nordell, Could you please let me know the main specs. for 7 km long pipe conveyor which you have designed. We are doing feasibility study for supply of 5 mtpa of coal @1500 TPH through pipe conveyor from port to power plant site and the distance is about 6.5 km.

Regards, Anil