Clamping Pipe Conveyor for Maintenance

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Dear Experts,

Kindly explain how would you clamp a pipe conveyor if we want to replace a take up pulley which is located in the head end side.

The pipe conveyor is approximately 2 km long with steep slopes and have 25 tonnes counter weight. we clamped the belt in the flat portion of belt conveyor both in carrying side and the return side near the head end side. But while lifting counter weight, the belt is slipping from the clamps. I guess its because of steep slope towards the tail end side, the weight of belt causes the belt to slip from clamps. Is there any way to clamp the belt near the slope where the belt is curved i.e where the belt is in circular sha

Roland Heilmann
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Posted on 23. Jan. 2014 - 12:29

Dear Santhoskhumar,

to my knowledge it is not possible to clamp a pipe conveyor belt where it is in circular shape, and i would not consider to try to do so because of the possible damage to the belt from sharp transversal bending. As this is a pipe conveyor belt, it has transversal reinforcements which might get damaged in the procedure.

Perhaps you better check the clamps for their clamping performance and add another one or two.

What does the designer say, there must be some sketch and rough calculation as to pull from belt vs. clamping force?



Ga Drawing Please

Posted on 23. Jan. 2014 - 03:03

Dear Mr.Santhosh Kumar,

Could you please post General Arrangement drawing ?

Thanks & Regards,

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Posted on 24. Jan. 2014 - 03:09

There might be considerable slope tensions involved and a GA would indeed be very helpful along with some actual belt data.

However there is no alternative to securely clamping the belt in its flattened form. If you hung the counterweight from the secured clamps you could then slip the pulley out quite simply provided the replacement was readily available. But you still need to clamp the opened belt. Try modifying a pair of extra clamps so that they bite the mid section rather than the edges first. Can you sprag the bend drums?

You have a dangerous situation and I hope you get further opinions and advice.

John Gateley

Re: Clamping Pipe Conveyor For Maintenance

Posted on 28. Jan. 2014 - 03:58

Dear Experts,

Thank you for your kind advises.

We have replaced the bend pulleys with out much trouble.

We clamped the belt in the return side of belt near take up pulley in both sides and locked it with chain block.