Joe Wolfgang
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Re: Where To Find Information

Posted on 14. Dec. 2001 - 07:32

i like the NIST guidebook on particle size characterization. it covers several popular techniques, is very impartial, and best of all was FREE from NIST! (maybe free only to US addresses?).

go to for more info.

Sources Not Up-To-Date

Posted on 11. Dec. 2006 - 01:13

Note that most of these sources are not up-to-date, and are missing fine new technologies that are already available on the market.

Regards, Benny Donner


Posted on 14. Dec. 2006 - 10:05

i just found a good book about powder metallurgy written by Randall M. German.

the book's name is "powder metallurgy science". the Pennsylvania State University. maybe it' useful for you!