Need help on Insitec

Posted in: , on 8. Dec. 2007 - 23:50

We are using Insitec in our plant. We got a problem on the Insitec measurement. The powder flow is not consistent, so with the same motive air pressure, we get error messages of low signal or signal saturation. This means sometimes not enough powder, sometimes too much of it. I tried different nozzles on the J-tube and different sample position. What should I do?

I heard I can change the "Gain" which might help. Now the gain is X2. Should I increase it or decrease it? What does it mean?

Malvern Insitec

Posted on 7. Jan. 2008 - 05:41

The Malvern Insitec Particle Size analyzer is supported by the world wide team at Malvern's Help Desk and can also be supported directly by our Project Engineers who routinely respond to such questions. Please contact directly your support team for answers to your questions. Helpdesk - 508-768-6450 or As always, feel free to contact me as well.

Thank you for your continued efforts with Insitec.

Jeff DeNigris

Sales Mgr - Process Systems, Malvern Instruments.