Mastersizer 2000 Users

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i'm creating this thread for malvern mastersizer 2000 users because i am one, and a newbie that needs help!

i have a few questions that would appreciate some answering:

1. it is possible to have other types of graph in plotting (bar graph, cumulative perhaps?)?

2. it is possible to have boxes below the graph where the grain sizes shown are only two sizes? example: 1 box contains only % between 10-50 microns, another box contains 50-100 microns, and so forth,


Re: Ms2000 Users

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I hope the following answers are useful,

1) If you right click on the graph on the result analysis page you can select how you want the graph to appear e.g. size band histogram, undersize or oversize curves.

2) You can also create customised reports using the report designer function (under the tools menu).

It is easiest to modify an existing report (e.g. open the result analysis report and then save it as a different name).

You can then use the tools palate to add parameters, graphs and tables.

Use the Calculated Quality Parameter (button looks like Dx,y) to add the result between the sizes you want.

You can then add your new report to your view by going to configure>view/report selection.

If you have any further questions you can also send them to:

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Re: Mastersizer 2000 Users

Posted on 8. Dec. 2008 - 10:02

Let me first say that I just found this forum and it's been an interesting read.

I would like to ask what is the approximate cost of a Mastersizer 2000 in the UK.

I hope somebody can give me a rough idea...