Looking for "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted in: , on 11. Sep. 2007 - 18:31

Dear Sirs and Friends;

For the plaster plant to be founded in Ankara/Turkey, we need a particle size analyzer to be settled near mills and mixers. Automatic and laser based machines are of first priority.

We will be waiting for your offers and the breakdown of the costs.

Best Regards.


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Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 11. Sep. 2007 - 04:58

Autel s.r.l. produce Triboelectric dust emission probe.

We have advanced system in this field but only for stating quantity of dust per cubic meter. Not size of particle.

Gabriele Schenetti Marketing and sales dep. E-mail address gschenetti@aeautel.it Autel S.r.l. www.aeautel.it Via Bagnoli n°9 41049 Sassuolo (Mo) Italy Tel. +39 0536 802104 Fax +39 0536 803372

Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 11. Sep. 2007 - 05:07

I will forward your request.

Regards, Freddy Holle

Kind regards, Freddy Holle, Regional Sales Manager ROTEX EUROPE LTD Aston Lane North, Whitehouse Vale Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3FA United Kingdom T +44 1928 706100 F +44 1929 706119 M +31 6 51574479 E [email]fholle@rotex.com[/email] W [url]www.rotex.com[/url]
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Laser Particle Size

Posted on 11. Sep. 2007 - 05:08

Microtrac Particle size analyzers will meet your needs


Carl Sabin
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Wanted: Particle Size Analyser

Posted on 11. Sep. 2007 - 05:29

Dear sir, we have an on-line laser particle size analyser that is designed to be incorporated into your control strategy for mills, mixers, etc.

This is an on-line system that is fully automated and can export data to your control station for improved process control and product quality control.

You can find more information on our web site "www.malvern.com/process" for your reference as well as contact details for further discussions.

Plaster and process control are both familiar applications for us.

Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 12. Sep. 2007 - 08:35

Hi Murat, I see a good colleague of mine, Carl Sabin, has already replied. You will be in good hands with Carl and Malvern Instruments who have the technolgy and vast experience in the field of on-line/At-line particle size analysis using laser diffraction. Providing the size range that you will be measuring and controlling falls within the dynamic size range of the Malvern technology they can assist. If your size range falls beyond please contact me and I can assist with other technology.

Regards, Glen Blackstock

Real Time Instruments Australia

Lot J Marina Village, MAckay, Queensland, Australia


+61 7 5453 7981


Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 12. Sep. 2007 - 09:20

Thank you very much for your interest. I will be in contact with each of you as soon as possible.

We will be producing plaster in three finness; 0-100, 0-160 and 0-860 microns.

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Particle Size Analyser Microtrac

Posted on 12. Sep. 2007 - 03:21

You can contact www.nanospek.com.tr in Turkey for information on the Microtrac systems for particle size analyzer.

The MICROTRAC is the Most easest to operate and maintain.

Again see: www.nanospek.com.tr

You can email them at: info@nanospek.com.tr

Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 12. Sep. 2007 - 04:39

I have sent the mails to Microtrac and Malvern among some other companies.

We will be waiting for the precious information from other companies.


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Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 13. Sep. 2007 - 11:00

Biral has a particle analyser using laser light scattering to measure size in the range 0.5 to 20 microns. It also measures the shape of each particle allowing a deeper understanding of particle populations.

Visit www.biral.com

Best regards

Steve Evans

Key Account Manager

Biral, Bristol UK

Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 13. Sep. 2007 - 11:20

Thank you sevans but we have a coarse stucco in 0-860 microns range.

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Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 13. Sep. 2007 - 10:13

Dear Members of this Forum,

please be advised that this is a Forum in English language only.

Contributions in Turkish or any other language will be automatically deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Reinhard H. Wohlbier


Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 14. Sep. 2007 - 04:17

Dear Mr. Arikaya,

we can offer particle and shape analyzers working in the range from 0.1 - 3600 microns, with optional video and shape analysis of the particles.

You may visit our webpage www.porotec.de,

or send an e-mail to


with my best regards

Jürgen Adolphs


Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 14. Sep. 2007 - 04:30

The Beckman Coulter LS series of laser diffraction analysers will offer you an ideal combination of value for money with accuracy and reliability. They have a local office in Turkey who will be in touch with you shortly. If you are able to visit


there are more details available there.

Particle Size Analyzer

Posted on 18. Sep. 2007 - 10:30

Dear Sir/Madam

JM Canty supply both Lab and on-line particle sizing systems. Our systems are vision based which obtain a 2- Dimensional image of the particle. Along with particle size (measure sizes from 0.7 microns up), area, perimeter, colour and shape analysis can also be determined. You can read up on our analytical equipment at our website www.jmcanty.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Colin Dalton

Analytical Engineer

JM Canty




Re: Looking For "Particle Size Analyzer"

Posted on 29. Sep. 2007 - 11:33

Thank you sir but we are looking for laser analyzers.


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Size Analyser

Posted on 7. Oct. 2007 - 06:55

For frequent use at every mill and product we have developed instrument to measure various powder characterization such as size distribution, surface area, sphericity, flowability, repose density, tap density and angle of repose and permeability. These properties are measured with just two instruments. We have tested for various minerals if interested I will send details.


IIT Delhi