Looking for market info on particle size distribution instrumentation

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Dear fellow forum participants:

I am an student working on a project related to particle size distribution (PSD) analysis instrumentation. I am trained as a chemical engineer.

I am particularly interested in an overview of the market for the instruments for PSD, especially a break down in terms of industrial segments (who uses this technology), types of technologies employed in PSD and overall market size (total sale of all PSD instruments per year, or any other related info would be very useful.

Would be most grateful if you could point me in the right direction to find this kind of info.

Many thanks and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Joe Wolfgang
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Users Of Particle Size Analyzers

Posted on 14. Dec. 2001 - 07:27

typical users: pharmaceutical, cement, powder coating, food, paint, electronic components, chemical.

technologies: laser diffraction, sedimentation, microscopy, time of flight, ultrasonic extinction, and more.

See NIST guidebook for good overview of many of these technologies.

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Particle Size Distribution

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Good morning - if you would advise your full address we will forward

some information that you may find useful in your studies...

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Re: Looking For Market Info On Particle Size Distribution Instr…

Posted on 17. Dec. 2001 - 11:01

Many thanks to all in replying to my questions. I hope that I will be up to speed quickly on this subject and will be able to contribute to this list soon.

My postal address is:

Ken Zheng

Templeton College,

University of Oxford,

Oxford, OX1 5NY,


Alternative email address:


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Particle Size Distribution

Posted on 17. Dec. 2001 - 08:46

Dear Ken,

You can find all these data in "Market Analyses and Perspectives" / Physical

Properties / Particle Characterisation" written by Strategic Directions

International, Inc., Los Angeles.

Good luck!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Hanno Wachernig

Retsch Technology GmbH