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Could someone help me locate a good manufacturer of an automated packaging system that is capable of filling plastic liners inside fiber drums (50 kg each), sealing the liner, and placing the lid (and ring) on the fiber drum? In addition the packer must also be able to fill bulk bags. Thank you.

Packaging Machines And Equipment For Liners

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could you furnish some specs about the products to be packaged and / or some photos of the liners you want to have packed? It would help to get a clear view of the packaging task and select appropriate packaging machines and packaging equipment.

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Re: Packaging Solution Needed

Posted on 8. Dec. 2008 - 08:15

hi crawlejg,

There are lots of type of machines on the bases of in sizes, types etc available. Automated Packaging Systems has a comprehensive network of factory-trained service professionals to assist you with all your bag packaging needs.

Our service engineers are held to the highest standards for quality to provide you with the best service in the industry.Give me more details about your work.

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Re: Packaging Solution Needed

Posted on 9. Dec. 2008 - 07:34
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Dear Friend,

we are design packaging machinerys. can you give more inputs. dimensions , load factor if you have video clip manual packaging please send. I can give basic design


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Hi udithausk,

Please i am wating for your design.Right now i have no videoclip but give me few days i arranged for you.Give me your website.