Wood Chips Processing

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Our company is looking for Consultancy services for the design and development of a Wood chips and sawmill waste filling as well as processing plant.

We could settle for the supply of design blue prints so that we can undertake the development on our own.

Please advise what information you would require in order for you to design or give an indicative design concept complete with costs involved.

From David Mjumira

Principal Project Developer

Davy-Kress (Pvt) Ltd t/a Biomass Processors



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Do you still need this?

Re: Wood Chips Processing

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Aug. 22. 2007


Is this a woodworking plant generating saw dust and wood waste to store and ship out? or is this a recycling plant receiving saw dust and wood waste via truck or otherwise? or is this a secondary fuel application for kilns or furnaces?

Need to know followings;

* How it is generated,

* Approximate rate,

* Storage capacity,

* Purpose of the process, as fuel or other wise,

* Process rate,

* Storage capacity after process,

* The use of processed material.

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