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Roller Screens

Posted on 24. Feb. 2003 - 01:35


I saw your request for roller screen suppliers in India. Elecon Engineering at Vallabh Vidyanagar manufactures roller screens. Please have a look at web page www.elecon.com


Terry Hall

Elecon Australia

Roller Screens

Posted on 2. Mar. 2003 - 09:04

Dear Vipul,

Two manufacturers of roller screens used for coal are Zemag (Germany) and Sandvik materials handling which markets a Roxon machine out of South Africa I think. These machines have been successfully used at a number of mines in Australia.


John Hanna

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Posted on 2. Jul. 2003 - 04:22

Originally posted by Vipul

For a project that we have in India we have a requirement for 4 nos. Roller Screens. Anyone interested in the same can please write to me for details. the rated capacity needed for the screens is 300 TPH. Material Coal.

We are a oroducer for roller screens as well.

Thanks & Best Regards

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Roller Screen

Posted on 4. Jul. 2003 - 07:30

Dear Vipul :

We are specialized in bulk handling system and producer for

many type of vabriating, revolving, roller screens.

Please forward full detail of your requirement.

1. Capacity : 300TPH

2. Feed Material ?

3. Material Bulk Density ?

4. Particle size distribution ? Average size at what percentage ?

5. Oversize return ?

6. Undersize return ?

If your condition more clear then it would be easy for us make evaluation.

Best regards

Danny Huang


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