Side Tipping Container for Bulk Solids

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Mikalen Pty. Ltd is licensed to commercialise a new concept in bulk commodity transport and is actively seeking an alliance with a European and US equipment manufacturer or end user.

We are pleased to be in the position to allow the release of basic information that will enable potential partners to evaluate the function of the patented device and how it might relate to intermodal transport in their market.

The device is an ISO platform type container of standard dimensions which has been adapted for the transport of recycled products such as rubber,plastics,glass agricultural produce like sugar cane or beets and grain and general bulk commodities. coal, limestone, mineral concentrates etc. The device has intermodal capability which enables it to be transferred from rail to road or ocean transport using conventional container handling equipment.

The device is made unique by the fact that it carries on-board hydraulic actuation which allows it to discharge its contents at the chosen destination by side tipping in a way unlike any other container available in the world.

The unitswill be offered in a variety of standard configurations to meet the needs of end users including 20', 30' 40', 45', and 53' length containers in 8', 8'6" and 9'6" heights, special half-height and bi-lateral tipping units will be available for very dense commodities such as mineral concentrates. The device has the potential to benefit agriculture by increased (intermodal) utilisation of existing rail fleets and avoidance of the need for investment in special purpose rolling stock and expensive wagon dumping devices. The devices will discharge by side tipping from container transport rail wagons or road transport vehicles without instability.

Legislation currently under consideration in the USA and Europe will in the future require transport operators to find ways of avoiding the consumption of fossil fuel used in repositioning empty vehicles. We believe that this device will provide increased utility by it's capacity to convert a container transport vehicle to a side tipper thereby offering to the container haulage company an additional profitable transport option for each vehicle in it's fleet and at the same time meet the regulatory requirements.

It should be noted also that the device can be amalgamated into a truck chassis as we have already proposed for woodchip rolling stock. This approach will provide the functionality of the container concept at reduced tare weight but without the demountable body.

Should the concept be of interest please revert and we will forward additional information.

Kind regards

John Hanna

Managing Director

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