We Supply Slurry Pump(Ah, Ahr.......)

Posted on 21. Aug. 2007 - 10:17

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We manufacture and export slurry pumps branded ¡°BattleMountain¡± and ¡°IronMountain¡±with discharge sizes from 25mm (1¡±) to 350mm (14¡±), and flow rates from 5 to 5500m3/hr (24,000) GPM and head from 5 to 133 (350 feet) meters. Totally 10 Series including AH, AHR, H & HH, L,M & MR, G,GH&D, SP & SPR,...... with 97 sizes are available. These pumps fit into the Warman slurry pump footprint and offer competitive performance, quality and price. Our wet ends are totally interchangeable with Warman slurry pumps.

If you are looking for a slurry pump suppliers with cost effective but high quality parts that perform as the original manufacturer¡¯s equipment, and at a fair price and lead time, you are right to come to us!

Any response from you shall be greatly appreciated.

We will supply you detail information as required.

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Atlas Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.,Hebei

E-mail: atlasdianna@gmail.com