Lab Model Pulveriser ( dry grinding)

Posted in: , on 25. Feb. 2008 - 10:08

We want to purchase a laboratory model mill to dry pulverise

(i) Kaolin clay to get a Hegman gauge of 6.5-7+

(ii) Calcined clay to get a Hegman gauge of 5-6+

There should not be any contamination/change in shade after milling; ie the optical properties after milling should not be deteriorated.

The capacity would be 250-500g in single pass

Please suggest a suitable laboratory model mill


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Lab Model Pulveriser ( Dry Grinding)

Posted on 29. Feb. 2008 - 08:43

Dear Santhosh

We have two different laboratory jet mill solutions depending upon your particle size BEFORE AND AFTER MILLING.

Both solutions are sized for batches ranging from 1g up 3000g.

Please contact us for more information and help me

- indicating the particle sizes BEFORE MILLING of your Kaolin and calcinated clay, as well as

- converting the particle sizes AFTER MILLING, i.e.

(i) Hegman gauge of 6.5-7+

(ii) Hegman gauge of 5-6+

into either Mesh, or Microns.

With my best regards,


Mauro Zocchi

F.P.S. Food & Pharma Services Sagl

Via Rogia 2

6965 Cadro-Lugano