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Bulk Liquid Transport Services

Posted on 26. May. 2007 - 10:31

Hi There,

We are in a position to provide variuos mode of logistics soltuion for bulk lqiuid transportation by means of ISO Tanks, felxitanks, Gas Tanks etc.

Our logistics network support expans from Indian Sub Continent to Middle East, Iran, Asia Pacific, Europe, SA.

Cargo coverage:- Haz and Non Haz , Food Grade, Industrial Gases etc.


Niraj Singh

Transporting Cotton Seed Oils In Regular Containers

Posted on 4. Jun. 2007 - 05:52

Dear Sir,

As an alternative you can consider our flexitanks bags, that would allow you to fill a regular 20' sea container with 24,000 liters.

They are leak proof, and very easy to handle. We guarantee them with a 25,000 cash certificate if it leaks, and we carry $5,000,000 of insurance per incident.

For more information please visit

I hope you find this information helpful

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Posted on 6. Jun. 2007 - 04:19

Hello Niraj

Although this is probably not the right forum......I am working out an import order for clinker from China to Bangladesh. I need to work out the shipping modalities. Can you help us

Thanks & Best Regards



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Cotton Seed Oil

Posted on 27. Sep. 2010 - 12:18

Dear Punit,

Kindly give us your ctc details. Do you have the MSDS data for this cargo. You may use Flexitanks if the cargo is non hazardous.

Pls advise.



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I have an enquiry for the ISO Tank container movement from Chennai to Shanghai.


Volume : 25 Tank Container per month.

Please advice if we can get this voloume of ISO Tank container on Lease.