Bulk Bag Unloader

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Posted in: , on 28. Oct. 2002 - 14:33

I am searching for a bulkbag unloader (discharging systems for BigBags) with a build-in dust free compactor for the emptied bag. The materials to be handled are powdered metal oxides, so the removal of the bags after discharge needs to be carefully done. The risk of powder emission when handling the used bags should be as small as possible. So an automated bag compactor, with an effective dedusting provision, should be part of the unloader.

When somebody has information about such a combination of equipment, please let me know.

Yours truly.

Ferro (holland) b.v.

H.H. de Veld

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Kerim Bothor
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Bulk Bag Unloader

Posted on 24. Apr. 2003 - 02:27

dear mr. de veld,

we cannot assist you with the specific machinery you have enquired for, can however envisage - in case your logistics system for fibcs permits this - the use of our bigbag-on-pallet system.

from your description and the need to compact the big bags after having discharged them, you appear to be using 'one-way' big bags. is there any specific reason for not re-using them? we furthermore understand that you have got the interface connection, i.e. between the discharge spout of the big bag and the adapter to e.g. a conveying system covered in a dust-tight manner.

the bigbag-on-pallet (bop) concept we are manufacturing is a simple and effetive way to handle and - most important - to empty and re-use the big bags.

bop-units basically comprise a pallet with stanchions in each corner and a flow-lock discharging valve that is integrated into the pallet. once your big bag has been discharged the lock is closed and the big bag can be tied off again with the safety band. all powder that could thus cause an emission, is the amount that is left in the discharge spout. to even further mininimise this, it can be shaken off into the adapter.

the bop-unit can then either

- be removed from your discharging location with the empty big bag still in the unit for re-filling


- the big bag - with both the infeed and the outfeed spouts being tied closed - removed.

this should do the trick to minimise the emission of the metal oxides, permit a multiple use of the big bag and in any case give you savings with regard to the handling of the big bags.

hoping to have been able to provide you with an idea on a possible solution to your problem with some added benefits, please take a look at our website: www.p2-systems.de to give you a first hand picture about the bop-concept.

best regards

a+e gmbh


Big Bag Unloader

Posted on 3. May. 2003 - 09:01

Dear Mr. De Veld,

We have experience with this matter. For FIBC's we made a bottom cutting system and for small bags we made screwcompactors. The bags will be pressed into a plastic tube, without human contact.

Do you want it fully automatic ? I guess not.

Please give some more details about situation, capacity etc and we can make you a proposal.

Jansen & Heuning Bulk Handling Sytems


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