Belt Weighers Calibration

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I work for a company called Wardell Armstrong LLP based in the UK.

We are involved in a project in Bulgaria where large quantities of coal are transported by conveyors.

We need an Expert on calibration and disputes regarding belt weighers, who could act as an independent advisor.

Expertise in calibration of rail and road weigh bridges would also be useful.

If anyone could be of assistance please contact me.


Naomi lee

Re: Belt Weighers Calibration

Posted on 25. May. 2007 - 12:50

Merrick Industries has been in the business since 1908 and can provide you the expertise with your dynamic weighing questions and or calibration verifications. Please visit our website @ and contact me to discuss your needs.

Best regards,

Jack Dehner


Merrick Industries, Customer Support.

Jack Dehner Merrick Industries Inc. Customer Support Business Manager
p w chase
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Posted on 6. Jun. 2007 - 04:13

I have experience with beltweighers from design and installation through calibration and litigation.

I have provided services to industry, manufacturers, and the U S government.

I would be happy to forward additional information.

Paul W Chase

For more information, please visit:

From Transweigh India Ltd

Posted on 20. Jul. 2007 - 01:25

Dear Mr.

I am S.Ethiraj Service Engineer from Transweigh India Ltd.

We are dealling with all the weighing, process automation and material handling equipments. it deals with cement, steel, glass and chimical industries in all over world.

If you want any clarification, modification and service help please contact

Thanks and Regards


p w chase
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Posted on 21. Jul. 2007 - 12:14

I have considerable experience in calibration and testing of beltweighers, particularly on coal at rates up to 6000 tons per hour.

I have also experience in litigation cocerning beltweighers.

I am familiar with OIML R50, the beltweigher recommendation.

I am an independent consultatnt and do not represent any beltweigher company.

Paul W Chase

Chase Technology Inc