Bag inquiry for cement kiln baghouse

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we as a baghouse manufacturer would like to choose bag material for below condition:

1- plant: outlet gas of cement kiln and raw mill

2- dust load: about 400 g/m3

3- temperature: 100 deg. C in compound operation of kiln and raw mill, 220 deg. C in direct operation

4- outlet gas of preheater is cooled by fresh air from 360 to 220 deg. C.

5- flow rate: about 1,000,000 m3/h

6- bag dimension: 155x7000 mm

7-bag QTY: about 5000

manufacturers who have experienced in this field, please send me their quotation with below items:

1- technical data

2- price for two options: bag and cloth

3- guarantee duration

4- delivery condition


Rubens barrichello

Re: Bag Inquiry For Cement Kiln Baghouse

Posted on 30. Jun. 2007 - 02:04

Dear Amin, Please let us know if you need rotary valve for the same.Our associates in Mumbai got order for 300 rotary valves from China,most of them shall be send to European countries.