Woodchip Feeder

Takaharu Sakata
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If you are looking for a feeder/discharger that successfully discharges woodchips, carpet, paper,

strings, tires and sludge, here is a Circle Feeder we have to offer to help your business and solve your feeding problems.

Following is the news about our product.

Woodchip feeder - has been newly launched on market by Yoshikawa Corporation, a leading

discharger manufacturer in Japan , after some technological developments are made

to our conventional Circle Feeders.

Woodchip feeder made it possible to spread out and discharge stably the string materials that are

likely to twine and usually difficult to discharge,amorphous materials such as industrial waste ones.

Stable supply of idustrial waste and other amorphous material.

Bridging and segregation of materials is prevented. Exact funnel flow is guaranteed.

Mass flow and uniform-rate feeding are realized.

For further information, contact the following address:

Takaharu Sakata

Yoshikawa Corporation of CIRCLE FEEDER, TM & PAT.,JAPAN



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