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Cat® Work Tools improve productivity for French recycling customers

The specialty of the French company Roche Exploitation Matriau, located in the region of Rhnes-Alpes near Lyon, is a focus on the waste chain from A to Z. The company stocks, processes and recycles low-density waste material such as cellular concrete, wood or plastic. The aim is to stock, revaluate, re-work and transform recycled materials to make them regain the original level of quality for reuse.

For processing from 132,000 to 180,000 tons of material in a year, the company relies on Caterpillar® equipment. In particular, the fleet contains medium size excavators and wheel loaders equipped with Cat work tools.

Lionel Roche, the General Manager of Roche Exploitation Matriau, explains that the company has chosen Caterpillar due to the perfect match between the machines and the work tools, “We have a MP15 multi-processor, which is mounted on the 330CL ultra high demolition excavator. The performance of the work tool, as well as the perfect match between the work tool and the machine allows us to optimize our productivity. The MP15 is very flexible and easy to fit on the machine. And it only takes two minutes to change it.”

Adaptability and quality of Cat equipment corresponding to the job site needs and the excellent performance to load a bucket have also influenced the choice of equipment: “We’ve compared a Cat 962G II wheel loader and its equivalent from competition. The loading and speed performances are superior, which is increasing our daily loading capacity. It is also easier to handle and it has more visibility – this has a major impact on safety on the site.” Roche says.

Lionel Roche also mentions the good resell value and the quality of service given by the French dealer, Bergerat Monnoyeur, as important purchase factors.

A complete service package offered by Caterpillar is also the reason why another French company Eu.Rec Environnement, an agency located close to Lyon, chose Caterpillar. The General Manager, Jean-Marc Buccella explains that the company has a Full Service Agreement on all equipment: “We rely on the quality of Cat machines and work tools as well as on the service given by Bergerat Monnoyeur. It is their responsibility to keep the job sites running.”

Eu.Rec. Environnementis specializes in collection, sorting and shredding tyres. The recycled material is then used as cement plant alternative derived fuel, or in public works. The recycled tyres help reduce noise and aquaplaning at roads and allow the construction of soft surfaces for special needs, such as children’s playgrounds or sport fields. The group Eu.Rec processes 30,000 tons per year, which represents 8.82 percent of the French national deposit. This is achieved with 17 employees working in two agencies: one close to Lyon, the other one in Beaucaire.

For processing the tyres, the company uses a Cat M318C material handler together with a Cat S320 shear and a GSM25 orange peel grapple. The quick coupler guarantees a rapid change from one tool to another. “This equipment corresponds exactly to our needs in the application. The reliability and robustness of the tools ensure the optimal productivity,” Buccella says. In addition the company uses Cat’s IT14G integrated toolcarrier and TH63 telehandler for divers public works and a crusher for tyres.

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