TOP New Thermoplastic Roller

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TOP new thermoplastic roller

A light, strong, eco-friendly solution from Rulmeca

Rulmeca is proud to introduce the new TOP roller, a totally thermoplastic roller with the exception of the steel in the ball bearing and the shaft.

The new TOP roller has a lower weight with respect to a steel roller (about 50%), which means a lower power consumption during start/stop operation of the belt conveyor and therefore reduction of power requirements on the plant, easier mounting/maintenance operations, preventing back injuries of the operator and guaranteeing a safer intervention, especially in application where roller mounting or replacement might be critical (suspended belt conveyor, difficult access, long conveyors…), easier/cheaper transportation.

Furthermore the low level of abrasion and corrosion of this roller (wear resistant) guarantees a longer life of the roller and a lower maintenance of the whole plant.

The TOP is belt friendly, since HDPE tube will not wear the belt.

It has a high resistance to chemical agents, it doesn’t rust, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications and it has a low noise emission (due to thermoplastic noise absorption).

Thanks to the self-cleaning roller surface, there is a prevention of build-up of material, main cause of belt mis-tracking, and less spillage from the belt.

The roller low running resistance sealing system means a lower motor torque need in conveyor starts, a lower motor power size, a reduction of energy consumption of the belt conveyor (added effect to that of the lower weight) and a lower belt consumption.

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