Sievex Tumbler Screening Machines

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Sievex tumbler screening machines for powder and micron level sieving/screening of your products.

Granules, lightweight and small sized materials, ultrafine powders. Effective and widely used in mining, aggregate, food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Full range of usable industries and products are listed below...

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Aggregate & Food Industry

Animal Food Industry

Tobacco Industry

Metal Industry

Wood Industry

Mining & Minerals Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial Sand

Glass Industry

Ceramics Industry

Detergent Industry

Recycling Industry

Cement Industry

Building Materials Industry

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Some Examples of Screening Products

Quartz Grits & Quartz Filler

Silica Flour

Mica Powder & Mica Scrap

Potash Feldspar & Sodium Feldspar

Dolomite Powder

Limestone & Quick or Hydrated Lime

Calcite Powder

Bentonite Powder

Talc Powder

Soap Stone Powder

Baryites Powder

Red Ocher Powder

Graded & Dried River Sand

China Clay & Ball Clay

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