PTA Particle Size Analysis

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Malvern® Instruments’ Mastersizer® 2000 helps

Indorama fine tune PTA production

11 Oct 07; Malvern, UK: Indorama Petrochem Limited have chosen the Mastersizer® 2000 particle size analysis system to provide quality control for the manufacture of Purified Terephthalic Acid ( PTA ) at their site in Rayong, Thailand. The extensive capabilities of the Mastersizer system, coupled with the applications expertise of both Malvern® Instruments and Diethelm Ltd, the company’s distributor in Thailand, have been key factors in helping the users at Indorama Petrochem to fine tune measurement and data analysis process, delivering the information required to ensure product consistency.

Indorama Petrochem operates one of the world’s largest single line plants for the production of PTA, a key constituent of polyester and an intermediate in the production of plastics, pesticides, inks and paints. The company uses the Mastersizer 2000 from Malvern Instruments equipped with Scirocco dry powder feeder to analyze PTA as part of its manufacturing control procedures. Method development carried out according to the ISO13320-1 standard for laser diffraction analysis has resulted in the continued production of reliable and reproducible data, enabling Indorama Petrochem to further improve production control.

The QA-QC & Customer Technical Services department at Indorama Petrochem is complimentary about the help that the company has received: “We very much appreciate the support of both Malvern Instruments and Diethelm, before and after installation of the Mastersizer 2000. We look forward to a long and lasting association between our two companies.”

Easy-to-use, with good reproducibility, the Mastersizer 2000 is the preferred option across a wide range of industries for measuring wet and dry samples in the size range from 0.02 – 2000 microns. It was developed to meet modern industry’s needs for global comparability of results, regulatory compliance, maximum efficiency in the laboratory and optimum deployment of skilled personnel. In support of these requirements, the Mastersizer 2000 is fully automated and easy to use, and delivers clear information based on standardized procedures.

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