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Heavy-Duty Non-Contacting Analyser enables Product Moisture Measurements in Industrial Processing Environments such as Ceramic and Concrete based Building Materials

NDC introduces a new model to its established 710 Series of on-line analysers for industry. The new CM710 moisture gauge has been developed to provide reliable performance in the harsher industrial operating environments found in the minerals, ceramics, ore processing, chemical, sinter and similar processes.

Mounted 250mm above the product on the conveyor and able to measure over fluctuating product heights, and even discontinuous product flows using the optional High Speed Gating system, the patented non-contacting NIR reflectance (backscatter) optics are designed for best accuracy and maximum long-term stability without ever needing to be recalibrated.

With a range of available housings with sealing ratings up to IP67 for full hose-down areas, as well as ATEX certified options up to Zone 20 dust-hazard, CM710 is designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees C, or hotter with an optional cooling attachment.

The CM710 displays the product moisture content on its full colour Operator Interface and measurement outputs are available with a choice of formats, from a scalable analogue output to full network connectivity (Profibus, Modbus Plus, DeviceNet, Ethernet) to enable integration into PLCs and factory DCS or SCADA systems to provide closed-loop control of the drying process.

With mounting fossil fuel prices, industry expends huge resources in drying powdered and mineral products down to target moistures. Introducing closed-loop control based on the stable drift-free output of the CM710 enables users to introduce energy savings whilst maintaining uniform product quality and eliminating the need for routine grab-sampling for off-line testing. Designed for robustness, ease of installation, lowest maintenance costs, and maximum long-term stability, the CM710 is supported by NDC’s worldwide Customer Care Team.

About NDC Infrared Engineering

NDC Infrared Engineering is the world market leader in the design and manufacture of near infrared (NIR) sensors and systems for on-line measurement. The NIR product range includes instruments for monitoring moisture content in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and minerals; fat or oil, moisture and protein content in foods; thickness or grammage of sheet and barrier layers in plastic extrusions and co-extrusions; and moisture and coatings on paper and board and many other converted web products.

The group’s range of complementary measurement technologies for the web industry includes infrared absorption, beta transmission, gamma backscatter, X-ray backscatter, transmission and fluorescence, laser calliper and UV absorption, for applications in blown film, cast film, paper, foil and film converting, pulp and paper, non-wovens, rubber and plastics sheet materials, tyre production and plastic pipe manufacture. Products range from bench-top and portable devices for QA checks, to complete on-line scanning system solutions for continuous precision measurement and process control.

The NDC Infrared Engineering portfolio includes a wide range of hardware and software accessories for the sensor and system ranges, and all products are certified to meet the relevant European and US Norms.

NDC Infrared Engineering is headquartered at Maldon, UK in Europe, and Irwindale, California in the USA. Operating companies in Germany, France, India, Japan and China provide local support to key markets, and NDC Infrared Engineering is represented in more than 60 countries worldwide by a comprehensive network of specialist distributors.

NDC Infrared Engineering is a Spectris Company.

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