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Polypropylene Sack ,PP Woven Bags for sugar in 23.5" x 38"

Below the detaliled specifications for the pp woven bags:

Woven Polypropylene bags for 25kg,50kg sugar.

Bag is to woven white Polypropylene with the standard logo printed in green and yellow.

Bag is to contain liner and capable of withstanding when filled a free fall drop of 15feet on to concrete floor

without bursting and which can be stitched by an industrial-type sewing machine without failing at the stitch outer bag surface to be of a somewhat roughened texture.

Below is the detailed specifications for PP woven bags:

PP woven bags laminated with OPP or with virgin polythene lining, the details as follows:

Material: PP vergin material

Width: 30-105cm

Length: As the customer's request

G/M : 60-150G/M

Top: Heat or cold cut, hemmed or not

Bottom: Single fold and double fold

Colour: As per to customer's request

Material: PP(PE)

Advantage: Supreme quality with the most competitive price

Funtion: The product are widely used in the storage and transportation of agricultural products, mineral products, chemical products, light industry products, etc.


Email: sales@typp.cn

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