New Weighing Instrument

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S-E-G Instrument AB release a new weighing instrument

S-E-G Instrument AB is one of very few companies specialising in industrial weighing. With more than 50 years experience, we have acquired a unique knowledge in this field.

A new line of industrial weighing instruments, called A2, can be configured to perform a range of applications. These include Belt scales, Batch scales, Weight indicators etc.

The A2 instrument has been specifically designed to cope with harsh industrial environments, has an intuitive calibration procedure and easy operation, and can replace existing equipment where required.

Main features:

- Indication of total, subtotal and flow rate

- Indication of weight and batch states

- Indication of gross- and net weight

- Stand alone or Remote operation

- RoHS compliant

- Optional fieldbus connection; Profibus, CANopen, Devicenet etc.

Main benefits:

- 24vdc power supply (230vac optional)

- 4-20mA isolated output

- RS-485 serial port

- Modbus (RTU, ASCII)

- 2-4 Relay Outputs for different uses.

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