New Railcar Spotter by Heyl & Patterson

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Heyl & Patterson, material handling equipment designers since 1887, has recently introduced a new railcar spotter called “The CUB” ™. (see photo below). The CUB ™ complements Heyl & Patterson's existing line of train positioning systems.

The CUB ™ is used to move single cars, small consists of cars, or trains at slower speeds, for loading, offloading or simply repositioning. The CUB ™ engages the railcar truck frame to move the cars. In higher capacity applications the railcar axle is engaged. The CUB ™ is a self contained unit which is designed to be easily retro-fit into existing rail yards. The runway for the CUB™ bolts to the rail track ties with the drive mounted to the side.

Foundations are simple. Installation can be accomplished with little disturbance to the clients operation. The CUB ™ is designed to require little maintenance while providing a safe reliable operation.

In addition to train and railcar moving equipment, Heyl & Patterson offers custom design car dumping systems. Car dumper designs include the rotary, turnover and crescent. The car dumpers feature the latest in Human Machine Interface (H.M.I.) control. These control features give the machine operator constant machine status as well as instant error annunciation. Total automatic unloading is achieved by combining the dumper and train positioning systems.

Heyl & Patterson also designs high capacity barge unloading equipment as well thermal processing equipment marketed under the Renneburg trade name.

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