New Pharmaceutical Tumbler Screener

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The new generation of the ultimative Tumbler Screening Machine has now been further developed for the use in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Basically the movement of the screener is compared with the gentle manual hand sieving action. The GKM Tumbler Screening Machine is mainly suitable for fractionating, dedusting and scalping or safety screening of dry and fine products > 30 µm ( 500 mesh).

The following features have been taken under special consideration:

• GMP conform design features

• Metal surfaces in contact with product with roughness of Ra < 0,4 µm / 316L

• automatic screen centreing

• perfectly balanced dynamic masses

• FDA approved Silicone gaskets clipped onto the intermediate rings

• FDA approved screen glue

• reproducable machine settings

• extremely high screening efficiency also with difficult to screen products

• various anti blinding systems available also Ultrasonic cleaning for

contamination free operation

• dust or gas tight construction

• 7 model sizes from 600 – 2600 mm (24“-104“) diameter

• 2-7 fractions possible with one machine

• possible double or triple screening operation for max. increased product


• manual deck lifter for easy screen change on bigger diameters

• on request with DQ, calibration, IQ and corresponding documentation

• low investment costs

GKM owns more than 20 years experience in the process and screening technology. Customers can expect a perfect and optimal solution for their screening application. On request existing older Tumbler Screening Machines may be tuned, repaired and serviced.

Further on a re-meshing service is being offered as well as used screeners, vibrating Tumbler screeners, scalping and control sifters and laboratory air-jet screens.

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