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March 7, 2007

The new Caterpillar® IT62H integrated tool carrier – a true multi-purpose weight lifter

Caterpillar’s new IT62H integrated tool carrier delivers unmatched performance and versatility in a wide range of material handling applications. A broad variety of loose and packaged materials can be carried, loaded and unloaded simply and efficiently. The IT62H comes equipped with an innovative combination of both proven and enhanced technologies, creating one of the most reliable, all-rounded machines in material handling.

Superior versatility

The benefits of versatility and high utilization are derived from three key features: a hydraulic quick coupler, parallel lift linkage and a wide range of work tools.

The hydraulic quick coupler allows the easy and fast change of work tools. Many tool changes can be made without the operator leaving the cab. For work tools requiring hydraulic connection the operator connects and disconnects manually using the no-spill quick disconnects.

The 8-bar linkage provides parallel lift to keep the load level throughout the lift cycle – particularly important when using forks. Parallel lift allows the operator to concentrate on placing the load, instead of retaining it. The long reach needed for ease of operation when loading and unloading pallets from trucks is delivered with the 8-bar linkage. The cinematic of this linkage also allows a higher tilting force at full lift when using logging forks in forestry applications.

The extensive range of available work tools includes among many other tools several standard buckets, high dump buckets, pallet forks, logging grapple, material handing arm and blades.

Reduced fuel consumption and improved hydraulics

The IT62H incorporates an EU Stage IIIA compliant Cat® C7 engine with ACERT™ Technology. ACERT Technology combines proven systems with innovative new technologies to precisely deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. It maintains engine performance, efficiency and durability while dramatically reducing emissions. The Cat C7 with ACERT Technology delivers 234 hp gross power and is a 7.2 L displacement, 6-cylinder, electronically governed engine.

Based on Caterpillar testing, the fuel economy of Cat engines with ACERT Technology is up to five percent better than current competing technologies. This fuel economy is directly related to the complete combustion of fuel due to the integration between the electronic control that monitors conditions, the air management system that controls air volume and the fuel injection system that delivers just the right amount of fuel as needed.

The IT62H also features a load sensing hydraulic system that automatically adjusts to operating conditions to provide only the hydraulic flow requested by the operator. This gives an improvement of five percent in the fuel efficiency.

With the new M3PC Priority Proportional Pressure Compensation Valve, implement control is improved over the previous system – raise/lower and rack back/dump can be operated simultaneously. The fine modulation mode improves productivity and provides smoother and better controllability of the work tools, especially in pallet forks applications.

Operators will notice enhanced ease of operation, more rimpull into the pile and a 20-percent increase in lift force. A two-pump hydraulic system provides one pump for the hydraulic system and the other for the steering system with no priority one over the other. This ensures full flow to both steering and implements guaranteeing power when and where it is needed.

Electro-hydraulic implement controls on the IT62H provide the operator with in-cab programmable kick-outs to prevent material spillage – improving productivity. The implement control console features a forward/neutral/reverse switch allowing fast, easy directional changes to reduce cycle times.

Soft detents allow the implement lever to return to center after actuation instead of being held in place. Once the operator activates the detent, the lever is released and the work tool will automatically move to the kickout position and the lever will return to center.

The IT62H features a larger counterweight of 1991 kg, which provides higher stability and payload capability. This contributes to the unmatched performance. The counterweight also incorporates the rear lights into the top of the structure.

Excellent visibility enhances safety

The IT62H provides excellent visibility to both the front and rear of the machine. The combination of the optimized hydraulic hoses routing and the elevated cab provides a great front visibility to the work tools when loading and unloading pallets from the trucks.

An optional rear vision camera is available to clearly monitor movement behind the loader. It offers excellent rear visibility, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of damage to the machine and the operator.

Optional lighting packages are available for roading or low-light applications. The optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights provide exceptional lighting for night work. A rotating beacon is available as a safety feature.

Service centres guarantee minimum downtime

Transmission oil and hydraulic filters are located behind the hinged, right-side access ladder. The hydraulic oil tank can be drained from this location using the access port. Maintenance free batteries, relay panel and an optional tool box are conveniently located below the left-side access platform. The engine shutdown switch is housed with the relay panel. A compartment integrated into the access platform contains the hood tilt actuation switch, master switch and optional jump-start receptacle. These service centres reduce downtime by 50 percent.

Grease fittings are grouped on the right side of the machine in two convenient locations – in a service compartment below the right-side service platform, and a bank located just off the non-engine end frame. These locations facilitate easy lubrication of vital components located throughout the machine. The IT62H is equipped with all the pressure taps for easy pressure check. Cooling system access for clean-out and maintenance is outstanding as well: The perforated and corrugated grill minimizes debris buildup and swings out for easy cleaning and access to the cooling cores.

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