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Apex SC-W Series Provides High Speed Robotics Performance on Small Tonnage Machines

Schaumburg, IL— The Apex SC-W Series is the latest addition to AEC’s extensive line of automation equipment. Ideal for high-speed applications, the SC-W provides less friction and smooth movement with its all moving axes that rides on a hardened steel rail with bearing guide. Also equipped with AC brushless motors and individual control, 3 axes can be synchronized to move to a designated point at the same time.

The SC-W series are equipped for molding machines from 50-220 tons, and provides greater flexibility during pre-and post-molding applications. A ridged steel traverse beam and sub-weldment provide for a near deflection-free travel.

The SC-W features 14 spare inputs, and 14 spare outputs, C-90° pneumatic wrist rotate, full color 8.4” touch screen control pendant and an SPI interface that includes 32 pin 10-amp robot side connector.

Control features includes: Windows® based PC operating system, AMD 500 Mhz CPU—512 meg. DDR memory, compact flash memory, stores up to 10, 000 programs, USB port equipped for additional off-line data storage and file transfer between like robots and is full end-user programmable with an easy-to-use touch-screen interface.

In addition to industry leading material handling products, AEC always offers full support from start-up to training 24-hour on-call service. Further AEC product offerings include heating and cooling, blending and reclaim, size reduction, automation, downstream extrusion and systems contracting.

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