Meyer “Klean-In-Place”® Rotary Airlock

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Designed for In Service in Cleaning

Wm. W. Meyer and Sons, Inc. has introduced a new series of their Kwik-Klean® Rotary Airlock Feeders. The new design airlock called the “Klean-In-Place”® is a special purpose valve suited for Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Food, Baking, Chemical, Paint, and Powder Coating plants.

No tools are required to simply remove the headplate, which is attached to the valve housing with easily unscrewed release handles. The four slide bar supports, using linear bearings, provide maximum support of the rotor while it’s pulled out and the valve can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and inspected in a minimum of time. This feature makes the Klean-In-Place ideal when frequent cleaning and sanitary service is required to prevent product contamination. It is also effective in batch systems demanding regular cleaning between cycles.

The unique design of the Klean-In-Place incorporates a built-in device that automatically reestablishes the close dimensional tolerances between the rotor and housing and a safety interlock switch. Meyer Klean-In-Place valves are available with square or round flanges, standard airlock options, and USDA and sanitary construction. The Klean-In-Place also meets the 3A Sanitary Standards.

In addition to the Klean-In-Place Valves, Meyer manufactures a complete line of processing control components including, Rotary Airlock Feeders, Gravity Diverters, Flap Gates, Plug Valves, Slide Gates, Gatelocks and Pressure Line Diverter Valves. All are engineered and manufactured to meet customers’ application needs.

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