Re: Metal Shredder/Scrap Shredder/Metal Shredding System

Posted on 18. Apr. 2016 - 11:06

wow so many safety infractions in that video.

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New 'Nology.

Posted on 27. Jul. 2016 - 08:42

The machine shown is very dangerous: at least the conveyor is.

These machines are very slow. I watched a shredder which took over a minute to shred a car: plastics glass and all. Even the fresh air.

It only takes a minute, or less, to build the car in the first place.

This business needs lessons in comminution and there need to be primary and secondary stages before this technology becomes anything more than "Look what I've just bought." Scrap dealers are very honest and very rich and they do not need to be taken for a ride by crusher suppliers who are clearly on a steep learning curve.

John Gateley